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Sustainability has been a constant in our trajectory, while others are starting now, we continue to work every day to generate a positive impact on our environment.

We ensure that the entire chain, from the design conception to the choice of materials, processes and techniques, is as respectful as possible towards the environment. In 2013, we joined the Indian biochemical company, Charmaine F. Sharma, to support one of its main breakthroughs in the fight against environmental degradation. These advances, Eco-sheen & Jutex, are biodegradable and chemical-free products that we incorporate into the process. In addition, we use 100% recycled PET in Outdoor collections.

We are committed to sustainable development

We are committed to artisan work and the preservation of the local economy through nurturing its development. We design long-lasting rugs that do not proliferate single-use consumption while also fostering their recycling.

We are aware of the challenges this objective presents and we work every day to reach new solutions that minimize our long and short-term impact.

Our passion for rugs is only understood if we take care of the environment while being aware of our social responsibility.

We care about people

We develop strategies to improve the lives of artisans, with special attention in India, Pakistan and Nepal, countries in which we produce. Since 2002, we have granted part of our volume of purchases to the association Care & Fair to ensure that their children have access to education.

We care about the planet


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