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INDIGENUS Planters in Dubai

Quality of Materials

Under the guidance and shared vision of Peter van der Post, the founder, the Indigenus designs are creating extraordinary and attractive masterpieces allowing deeper connection of humans with natural surroundings while serving as brilliant art pieces. 
By using top-notch quality materials, their highly skilled and experienced artisans hone them with extra attention to strength, excellent care, finish and hardiness. As we know, the plants' maintenance practicalities, especially in the case of larger organizations, we produce practical and lightweight Ingenius planters that provide stress-free transportation as well as installation. We deliver all planters with water reservoirs and removable inner lining for practical care of plants, outdoors or indoors. We have designed Indigenus planters to be versatile in their placement whether you use them in a cluster, as a single statement piece or in large configurations. 
Indigenus planters are the perfect equipment for interior designers, architects, and landscape designers to enhance the interactive experience while people are moving around profoundly and in the space. 


Color Range


Home is Sanctuary

Home is Sanctuary is a new range by Indigenus. This has brought about a noticeable change in how we connect and feel about our homes. The changing conditions have made all of us spend more time inside the house, and the space we once used to relax and re-charge is now also serving as our workspaces. 

Idea Behind ‘Home is Sanctuary’

We now have an innate desire for reconnection with nature even stronger than ever because we’re feeling disconnected. This idea gave birth to our ‘Home is Sanctuary’ collection. We have designed this range with smaller spaces, apartments and homes in mind providing people with a simple yet effective way to bring the outdoors in and reconnect with nature. 

Plants are proven to improve indoor air quality and reduce stress, making us feel refreshed and reenergised. So we believe that the planters should also mimic a similar type of enrichment. 

Our ‘Home is Sanctuary’ range takes luxury to new heights. We hand-craft each planter in our collection using premium quality materials like glass-reinforced concrete, wearing Iroko wood, cork and steel. All our planters come with a tag number unique to each planter, and we press it with hand on a branded copper disc. Our master artisans and joiners create these planters that harmonize with nature. Although we design them for indoors, they're also suitable for outdoors and made to last for a lifetime