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Quality Policy Statement

Company Next Space LLC was established in 2020 to provide luxury furnishings solutions to the luxury residential, hospitality and commercial industry. We are based in Emaar Square, Building 4, P.O.BOX 11874, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, AE.

Quality management

Next Space LLC `NextSpace` is committed to providing high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service.

We propose superior outdoor furniture products that will be designed and built to meet and where appropriate exceed tender specifications. This includes ensuring that we meet and exceed the highest quality requirements for outdoor furniture in order for it to withstand the harsh climate of the region. We are committed to work only with the brands that meet the highest standards of quality and durability of outdoor furniture.

NextSpace operates a quality management system (QMS) to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality. Details of our quality management processes and procedures are available on request. Our quality manager will take responsibility for ensuring effective quality management on a project.

Health, safety and security

NextSpace recognises the importance of health, safety and security - both during the project and afterwards.

The company's health and safety policy sets out our commitment and outlines our approach to effective health and safety management. Our processes and procedures are designed not simply to meet legal requirements but to effectively deliver a healthy, safe and secure working environment for our employees and everyone else who might be affected by our work.  

A copy of our health and safety policy is available on request.

NextSpace has employer's liability and public liability insurance of and professional indemnity insurance; a copy of the insurance documentation is available on request.


We recognise the contribution our employees make to the success of what we do. We are committed to offering our employees fair terms and conditions, ensuring they have the skills and qualifications they need, and providing opportunities for training and development. 

NextSpace is an equal opportunities employer. A copy of our equal opportunities policy is  available on request.


NextSpace understands the importance of sustainability - in design, delivery and in continuing operation. For example, this is reflected in how we:

  • Source sustainable materials and look for ethical suppliers 

  • Work with the local community where appropriate 

  • Support brands that are committed to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Propose outdoor furniture products that are energy-efficient while minimising waste during production. 

Details of our environmental management policy, processes and procedures are available on request.

In particular, we ensure that the design of all our outdoor furniture items meets environmental standards.

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