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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

1. Why should we buy outdoor furniture from NextSpace?

NextSpace is able to provide direct factory access and direct pricing with the factories. You can have the best of the outdoor furniture world for a competitive price. NextSpace represents only the premium and luxury outdoor furniture brands that have been proven to last in the local climate. Original and iconic design outdoor furniture can be found in our collection. We can help to provide you with options and recommendations in terms of design and pricing for your home or project.

2. What is NextSpace?

NextSpace is a company that represents a premium collection of selected luxury outdoor furniture brands.

3. What outdoor furniture brands does NextSpace represent?

NextSpace represents only premium luxury outdoor furniture brands with a strong commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and quality. Our curated collection of brands consists of DEDON, GLOSTER, INDIGENUS, NANIMARQUINA, GANDIA BLASCO, AMES, OLIVER JAMES, BIVAQ, NOVARA, POTOCCO, HALDANE, UMBROSA, IMPERFETTOLAB. NextSpace represents brands for outdoor furniture, outdoor carpets, outdoor lighting, outdoor daybeds, cabanas and outdoor structures, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor accessories, outdoor parasols, umbrellas, shading systems and sunloungers.

4. What makes NextSpace different to everyone else in Dubai?

Knowing that you are getting the direct factory pricing and work with professionals that will help you and guide you with the selection of your outdoor furniture. Instead of spending hours of researching what is best for you, the experts at NextSpace can help you make better decisions using their knowledge and expertise.

5. What is the minimum quantity I can order from NextSpace?

There is no minimum quantity you have to order from NextSpace.

6. Can NextSpace help to design my outdoor space?

NextSpace works with some of the most renowned interior designers and landscapers in the Middle East and will happily suggest options and recommendations and work out layouts and spec sheets as well as BOQs. If you have a private residence, our team of professionals can work out a layout and help with the selection of luxury outdoor furniture according to your vision.

7. Where do I find outdoor furniture?

There are several outdoor furniture shops in Dubai, but we provide outdoor furniture directly from factories located around the world. NextSpace can help you with the delivery and installation of your outdoor furniture at your home or project, making it a smooth and enjoyable process for you.

8. Can you find good quality outdoor furniture made in Dubai?

NextSpace vision is to work only with the best outdoor furniture brands. Our brands have production all over the world starting from Germany, Spain, and Italy to South Africa, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

9. How long does it take for the outdoor furniture to get to my house?

Delivery times always vary depending on the overall volume and selection. Luxury brands can typically customize the colours and fabrics and other finishes. It is the same as ordering a luxury car. There is a time required for the brands to produce the outdoor furniture that is made specifically to your design taste. The lead times can vary from 4 weeks up to 14 weeks if you have a large project. Reach out to us and we will be glad to assist in your selection and can always recommend the best choice that will fit your outdoor furniture needs.

10. What’s the difference if I buy it from the factory direct?

Buying from NextSpace is the same as buying from the factory direct, partially thanks to the large volume of orders. Most often we can provide incredibly competitive prices because of the relationships we have built with those factories over the past years.

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