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The Story


Umbrosa offers unique shade solutions

The shade solutions by Umbrosa are a clear statement of both elegance and understated simplicity, and that in combination with unprecedented ergonomics that puts ‘easy to use’ to a higher dimension. Umbrosa very consciously chooses to work with the best international designers and to produce exclusively in Belgium. Umbrosa is the specialist in state-of-art umbrellas for both residential and commercial applications. The team of designers pays special attention to the unique character of nature and the daring creativity of each design.

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The R&D team of Umbrosa develops new products and at the same time constantly seeks to improve the current collections. Sustainability is a verb for us that keeps us busy on a daily basis. Design trends are important, but timeless design is what we strive for at Umbrosa.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of climate and sustainability. Umbrosa buys as many components as possible locally in order to shorten the chain, establish good communication and secure reliable quality. The fact that we confection and assemble in Belgium adds to our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and to increase our supreme quality level.

We will not support a throwaway society. Therefore, our products are thoroughly tested and we carry an extensive range of spare parts. We also try to create designs that touch people and that establish an emotional bond that lasts. Umbrosa is also part of the growing importance of healthier and safer environments with cleaner air. This translates into more organic gardens with lots of flowers, trees and wild plants along with design umbrellas that protect your skin and go hand in hand with the outdoor experience. The garden has become an extra room to the house, the difference between indoor and outdoor is fading. Now more than ever we search for a feeling of security and cosiness in our gardens.



Umbrosa met baseline.jpg

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