NextSpace represents a curated collection of luxury design brands which have a truly authentic story to tell. 


Our mission is to develop sales and marketing strategies for brands looking to develop and expand in the Middle East and Africa.


Our intricate knowledge of the local market, strong relationships and networks in the region are our key success, and we ensure that our extensive community of design professionals, operators, developers, contractors, distributors and clients are continuously engaged and supported.

Our insight into the local markets and an established network in the Middle East and Africa are key pillars to our success.

Built on decades of experience in the Middle East and Africa, our vision is to connect people who are passionate about luxury designer brands with a truly authentic story to tell.



Brand Agency

We represent luxury design brands for indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, custom furniture and objects.


We deliver a variety of standard and custom design furnishing solutions for Luxury Residential, Corporate, Commercial and the Worldwide Hotel Resort and Casino industries. 

We focus on the Middle East & African markets.

Project Consultancy

We offer consultation services to brands and design professionals.

Our core strength are our contacts and vast network, and we strategise to connect you with the right people in the industry to close a lucrative project or sign a new prospect.

NextSpace is here to connect you with the right people in the industry and work on a project by project basis.

We offer customized services at various rates to help you close the deal.

Brand Advisory

We formulate strategies for new and existing brands to partner with the best contacts in their respective segment. When looking for the right agency to drive your business within the Middle East & Africa, we can assist you.

NextSpace assists brands looking for a distribution network or a new business partner to gain an overview of the market.

Our team of PR, Publishing and Event collaborators create a personalised 

strategy specific to your requirements.





Esra Lemmens 


Esra Lemmens is a Design Strategist at her namesake, The Esra Lemmens Agency. Esra Lemmens build her career on discretion and focuses on empowering contemporary Designers, Artists and their brands across the globe accomplishing clear business objectives.  Nowadays she represents the biggest names in the industry and is the thriving force behind many successful collaborations with major companies.  


Her background in Arts and Design enhance her ability to connect with her clients and bring their optimal visions to fruition. She represents them in a unique way, both customized and optimized through her collaborations with studios, platforms, events, labels, museums, galleries and other resources applicable to the goals at hand. 


Esra Lemmens Agency 


Founder and director of the Esra Lemmens Agency, she is an influential personality in the design community because of her deep understanding and knowledge regarding concepts, history and business perspectives of design. She is established as an ambassador for contemporary design, and this has enhanced her award-winning leadership skills. Her expertise in design management and design communication also bring something more to the table. Her impactful talents such as strategy building, and organization capability are a result of her all-encompassing encounters with key players in the design industry.  





E​sra Lemmens Gallery 

The one-of-its-kind gallery showcases collectible design and functional art by both established and rising, international designers and artists, who do not believe in taking a conventional route and go beyond the traditional territories of expression.  

The Esra Lemmens Gallery identifies and advances these key narratives intersecting contemporary design, visual and conceptual art. The gallery derives inspiration from the couture models of vertical integration that includes three steps –creation, production, and retail. It brings an ambitious collection that supports current tendencies relevant to the development of global contemporary design. It sets a foundation for the growing key voices in the industry as one of its core activities moving widely around the world, creating a catalog that reflects the most innovative scenes from the Middle East to Europe, Asia, and America. 




Patricia Millns frsa


Patricia Millns FRSA is an artist, advisor, patron and mentor. Studied Fine Arts, Honours MA Art and Design History. 

Studio based in Middle East for 40 years. Practice based on researching on woman’s studies relating to the cultural significance of adornment and olfactory heritage of Middle East. Advisor on art and design projects.. Mentor for emerging artists.  Presently advising on the  Creative Industries. 

She is an elected Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, London, Advisory boards of American University of Dubai (AUD), Zay Initiative board and member of IAPA, UNESCO 

Patricia has represented UK at United Nations (UN) New York, Sharjah and Cairo Biennials. Public Collections include United Nations UNIFEM, British Museum, British Council, British Commonwealth Society, and the Royal Windsor, Bulgari, Salsali, Sainsbury collections. Work in National Museum Collections regionally. 

Represented  in private collections locally and internationally  

 +97150 344 6959    mail@patriciamillns.com   

 www.patriciamillns.com   @patriciamillns  


Our Team

A message from our Founder, Laurence Dehlen

& The Managing Partners'.

Together with our business partners, we decided to create a company that would showcase well established brands, as well as creating a platform where new and innovative brands can effectively engage with the regional design community.  

At NextSpace, we believe there are many brands that are yet to be discovered and elevated to the next level.

As partners' we have been privileged to travel around the world extensively over the past 25 years; and have been drawn to beautiful interiors, architecture and exquisite brands. We understand the unique characteristics of our brands as well as the countries they represent. 


Living in the Middle East, our partners' have the opportunity  to meet with people from all over the world and have developed a vast network of contacts and been privileged to work on some of the most iconic projects within the hospitality and luxury real estate industry.

We are proud to be associated with a portfolio of curated luxury brands and our dynamic team of sales, marketing and associates allows us to forge a new way of doing business.

Customer Service

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