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The Story


Novara is born from the passion to obtain an optimal product for the exterior, with all the knowledge acquired during all this time, manufacturing high level kitchens for the most exclusive clients.

The first modular and customizable system for outdoor kitchens. Resistant, durable, specially created to enjoy the outdoors. Novara is unique. Perfectly technological. Thanks to the excellent technical development for all of their components, we’ve achieved a concept of lasting and minimalist design of pure lines with a unique and recognizable aesthetic. All Novara’s elements have been selected among the highest quality and strength for the exterior and the marine environment. The versatility of these colors and materials allows variables and possibilities for each project. Finally we can enjoy a furniture system on the outside that fuses perfectly with architecture and people. We can cook outdoors on some beautiful elements, which will highlight the outdoor lifestyle: Novara.


Novara has been the result of the passion for cooking in any circumstance. The island allows to move freely and cook facing the open space. It thus becomes the center of communication, shared cooking and everyday pleasures.
Finally, there is a furniture system suitable for exteriors with the highest quality and guarantees of professional development.

N1 & N2

Two design versions, same extreme quality standards. N1 is conceived without a front apron, with a minimalist design focused on the essentials.

In N2 is the origin of our outdoor kitchen systems. Its characteristic skirted top gives strength to the whole, generating a homogeneous, practical and functional block. N2 is completely customizable in special finishes and widths.



logo NOVARA.png

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