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The Tuber is Haldane Martin’s creation that lasts for generations. This mighty Tuber collection is crafted using African Iroko, which is a hard timber. It is often used for flooring, outdoor furniture, and boatbuilding. Individually cut wooden pieces bolted together using stainless steel pins give an enduring strength to the Tuber range. It is then hand-assembled to achieve an eye-catching bulbous shape. 

As its name reflects, Tuber appears rooted within the ground. Due to its solid bearing, you can intersperse it randomly, a group in large numbers or a bunch as a centrepiece to create an exciting ambience and feel throughout the space. These planters are ideal for use in indoor forest installations


Indigenus Planter Tuber Specification


Indigenus Planters Finishes
INDIGENUS Platners Middle East
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