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About SOMA

The ‘Soma Planters’ in our Indeginus range is iconic because immaculate finishes enhance their clean and curvy lines. It's an incredibly versatile collection designed by Laurie Wiid. Soma Planters drive inspiration from the trees anchoring presence combined with the unique rounded sculptural style of the designer.

These planters help to achieve a powerful impact in any interior design or landscape. This design is a celebration of a stone-like reinforced concrete appearance, and different designs contrast progressions with organic cork and wooden elements. The Soma Planters can also serve as pillars that give shape to the rigid architectural lines or punctuate a long vista. They are ideal for ground or corner placements or placing on raised surfaces. They mainly provide a unique look when you assemble them at different heights. 

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Soma Indigenus Specification.png
Indigenus Planter Soma.png
Indigenus Planters Soma finishes
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