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Since 1992, the thoughts and actions have moved, grown, and taken shape in the land of Romagna.
Between hills of cherry and olive trees, cultivated plains, and piles of recyclable steel and iron.
In between, the ancient Roman road via Emilia.
A contrasting and mutating landscape that reflects in our furnishing sculptures.
Ours is an open space, the times of art and life seamlessly merge.


The company takes a continuous search path for materials, to create an offer of accessories complementing one another, furnishing different kinds of environments with the

maximum customization possibility.



ImperfettoLab is a family-owned company with rich history and craftsmanship as its DNA. 
Verter Turroni, Emanuela Ravelli and our children Elia, Margherita and Eusebio.
Altogether, we are separate parts and build a dynamic future with design at our core.

From a sketch on paper, we mix materials, shapes and colours to define an object.
Verters intuitive and visionary research is performed with the complicity, recognition, and practical support of his brother Erich.
Emanuela is the voice of a vivid and silent work.

She connects Imperfettolab with the rest of the world, respecting its nature and identity.
She watches over its wholeness and authenticity.
The playful spirit is entrusted to our children.

They are the ones who test our works, certify their durability, functionality, and enjoyment.
We believe it is their expression, after all, that validates and makes our work universal.




Exclusive Distributor

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