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A history Of Excellence

In 1919, Domenico Potocco in Manzano (UD) founded Potocco, a small artisan workshop producing chairs. Over the years, it has evolved into a large industrial facility specialising in contract and home furnishings production, perfect for outdoor and indoor environments
Potocco has a history of excellence spreading over the entire 20th century along with a consistent growth trail as it participated in the very first Salone del Mobile trade fair as a founding partner. This enabled collaborations of Potocco with leading international design companies, and it played an essential role in the Made in Italy excellence story


The fifth generation of the family

Today, the company is led by Antonino Potocco, assisted by his daughters Alice and Marianna, the fifth generation of the Potocco family. Due to the vast and solid distributors’ network, Potocco USA and Asia Pacific divisions opening, the company is now present worldwide

Potocco believes in investing in its human capital because the face of its people is the face of the company. Therefore, Potocco promotes its human assets to stimulate the company's growth process. The fundamental elements that guarantee control and quality over the entire production chain are the individuals who work for us. From artisans knowledge that characterises our company to internal resources and external collaborators, our human element ensures great company's outstanding achievements over a century of our history. 

Potocco Family

Tailored Industry Is The Soul

The company's expertise in a century of the pursuit of quality, cutting-edge technology, and activity defines our designs that make Potocco unique. Typical artisan tradition and keen attention to detail are evident in every process from material processing to hand-produced weave, raw and synthetic nautical ribbons and ropes. All this creates unique proposals always having a new and fresh taste. The production of the company includes products that can live in both indoor and outdoor environments divided into different collections from dining to living room, including chairs, sofas, chaise lounge, armchairs, stools, cabinets, coffee tables, tables, consoles and cabinets. We produce all these entirely in our facility located in Manzano, which guarantees they have 'Made in Italy' quality. 


Bespoke Is Our State The Mind

Process innovation, customisations and professionality are the highlighting features of Potocco, enabling the company to meet the ever evolving needs of the international market. The company's ability to tailor its furniture to the customers' needs and preferences has always remained its strong point. Potocco can produce customised solutions according to unique proposals to meet specific requirements thanks to its capability to work with diverse materials and complete in-house production and management. 

The company dedicates extreme care at every stage of the project, from preliminary design to close designer collaborations to post-sales assistance. The final objective of the company is to achieve complete customer satisfaction while delivering outstanding quality


Uncompromising Over Quality Is The Mission

The expertise gained in a century of activity, cutting-edge technological processes, and the pursuit of quality, define the design that distinguishes Potocco. Extremely careful attention to detail, typical of artisan tradition, is manifested in the processing of various materials and in the weave produced by hand in cane and nautical synthetic and raw nautical ropes and ribbons, both raw and synthetic, which contributes to the creation of unique proposals with a taste that is always new and fresh. The company production includes types of products able to live both inside and outside the domestic environment, declined in collections ranging from the living room to the dining room: chairs, armchairs, sofas and chaise longue, stools, tables, coffee tables, cabinets, and consoles are entirely produced in our facility in Manzano, guaranteeing their Made in Italy quality.


Rich Parterre Of Designers

In & Out Collections of Potocco is the outcome of rich designers parterre collaborations that are improving every year. International and Italian designers who are the company's style interpreters pay tribute to its roots while transforming and enriching them from time to time with their current and fresh approach and infusing life into an eclectic collection that always represents the unmistakable style of Potocco. Through the designer's projects like Hannes Wettstein’s Studio, David Lopez Quincoces, Bernhardt & Vella, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Toan Nguyen, Chiara Andreatti, and many others, the company aims to define new living landscapes to deliver comfort exclusively to man-kind while continuing on the path of excellence. 




Exclusive Distributor

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