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How to select the best outdoor furniture for Dubai’s climate?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Extreme humidity and high temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius during the hot summer days in UAE are the biggest obstacles to consider when selecting your outdoor furniture.

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask the NextSpace outdoor furniture team:

1. Can wooden furniture survive the harsh climate of the Middle East?

If you select a premium product, then yes. There are several brands that have been tested on the market and are proven to be a solid choice when looking for timber outdoor furniture. GLOSTER has been known for several decades as the most premium outdoor furniture brand focusing on teak furniture that can be used in extreme climates. The secret to the success and exceptional durability of their teak products is the age of the teak wood logs used for production. The logs are approximately 50 years of age to ensure that the wood is of the best quality to provide the best density and oil content.

2. How will the wooden furniture weather?

As teak furniture is exposed to the Dubai sun, the golden-brown colour will beautifully weather and change to lighter pickled teak colour. This process can take anywhere between 9 months to a few years, depending on the amount of sun the furniture endures.

3. How can I keep my teak furniture brown?

The teak furniture will naturally change to a lighter colour over some time. This is a natural process of wood. However, in case you would like to maintain the original golden-brown colour of your teak furniture, the best is to oil the furniture at least two times a year. This will ensure that the furniture maintains its original colour. In the same manner, you need to moisturize your skin from the harsh elements, the wood, which is a natural material, also needs to be cared for and maintained.

4. Can I leave my outdoor furniture uncovered during the summer?

That depends on the quality of your product. Outdoor furniture made of DEDON fibre, for example, is tested against all weather conditions and for ten years’ UV resistance. There are numerous five-star hotels across the GCC that have DEDON products for two decades and they look brand new without any colour differences. In case you have teak furniture, a light sanding is recommended as it will restore the smooth finish. However, it is not needed to ensure the structural integrity of the furniture. Regular oiling will ensure that your outdoor furniture can stay uncovered during the summer. Aluminium requires to have a special powder-coated treatment and all fabrics need to be UV resistant.

5. Can outdoor furniture get wet in Dubai?

Your outdoor furniture can get wet in Dubai in case of occasional but very heavy rain. It is important to leave your furniture to fully dry out. Using fast-drying foam and water-resistant fabrics will ensure that it dries within 15 mins.

6. Can outdoor furniture survive the summer in Dubai?

If you select premium outdoor products from some of the most respected outdoor brands, then you should not face any issues with your outdoor furniture and could easily enjoy your outdoor furniture for many years to come. Top brands are completely resistant to the harsh climate and are tried and tested for several years before they are introduced to the market.

7. What’s the difference between the various outdoor furniture brands?

There are many different outdoor furniture brands available on the market and sometimes it is difficult to understand the difference between the brands and what products to consider. Generally, we always recommend sticking with tested and respected outdoor furniture brands that are specialists in outdoor furniture, as they require years of research and development to develop exceptional quality products, that can withstand indoor furniture companies venturing into outdoor furniture, but we strongly recommend staying true to the companies that truly defined their focus on outdoor products only.

8. What is luxury outdoor furniture?

Premium outdoor furniture is made of exceptional quality, that can survive for many years under any climate thanks to the highest quality materials used in their production. High-end outdoor furniture brands have been designed with a strong focus on the uniqueness and originality of their designs and comfort above all. Premium materials will be used for the production, such as DEDON fibre, teak of superior quality, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel. The fabrics and cushions used will be of premium quality and produced with specialist fabric brands that are used especially outdoors. These fabrics can survive a spill of red juice or a dropped cigarette and have stain resistance and fire retardancy built into them. Authentic luxury outdoor furniture brands today will use sustainably sourced materials. The products are often 100% recyclable and free from pollutants and heavy metals.

9. How do I clean outdoor furniture?

Most luxury outdoor furniture brands’ recommendations will be to allow the natural weathering process to continue. Fabrics should be dusted weekly to remove any dust particles. The furniture should be cleaned once or twice a year with either warm water and a mild detergent or a special outdoor furniture cleaner. Wipe down the aluminium monthly to keep it free of dust and particles.

10. What is DEDON fibre?

DEDON fibre is the world’s most luxurious industrial textile. Researched, developed, manufactured, and tested at state-of-the-art production facilities in northern Germany, environmentally friendly DEDON fibre is unrivalled for strength, durability, weather-fastness and luxuriousness of colour, texture, and touch. The fibre is recyclable and non-toxic, burning as cleanly as candle wax.

11. What is the best outdoor teak furniture?

The best teak tree (Tectona Grandis) has a lifecycle of at least 50 years, and its wood can always be traced back to its origin. The most important for the best timber is to choose the logs with an age of approximately 50 years to ensure that the wood is of the best quality to provides the best density and oil content. This makes the products resistant even during the hot and humid summers of Dubai.

12. How do I find luxury furniture for my pool area?

There are several options that you can consider when searching for pool furniture. Would you like to add a bit of privacy? Then you can go for an outdoor structure or cabana. Comfortable sunloungers with a good proportion are important and have a movable backrest that you can incline, so you have various positions. Lounge settings and dining options with outdoor carpets and outdoor lighting are also super important and create the character of the outdoor spaces.

13. Is there a sustainable outdoor furniture brand?

Several European high-end outdoor furniture brands produce their products in environmentally-sound facilities. Their products often thing about the lifecycle and are recyclable and free from pollutants and heavy metals. Furthermore, the best brands incorporate recycled materials into their products whenever feasible.

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