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About Bhaca

Bhaca design is a wholly original and personalised range of planters reflecting the connection of Dyalvane’s, the South African ceramicist, to its Xhosa roots. It also celebrates his choice of elemental material- clay. Initially, he made designs using wet clay and then improved them to survive the rigours of large planters. This work focuses on the signature Andlie’s scarification style while reflecting the Xhosa tradition or marking or cutting skin hence given the name 'Bhaca’ meaning scarification in Xhosa

Our Bhaca planters are ideal for creating sculptural statements in interior space or landscape. These planters are finished in ash grey, fire-pit black, or bleached white, and scarification is applied to all sides. The form twists and technique of strokes slashing create dynamic shapes, making them perfect as independent pieces that you can see from any angle. But when displayed in a cluster setting, they develop a commanding presence. 


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