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Both the manufacture of DEDON Fiber in Germany and DEDON furniture in the Philippines take place in our own production facilities. This is unique in the outdoor furniture industry. DEDON’s master weavers in the Philippines use ultra-strong fibers of our own production, combining craftsmanship with innovative technology.

No matter if it’s desert wind, salt water or frost, DEDON Fiber is tested against all weather conditions and for ten years’ UV resistance. Produced in Germany by our team of specialists, it is unrivaled for strength, color fastness and longevity. And because DEDON Fiber is developed entirely in-house, we’re able to work with designers to create innovative solutions, including unique colors, textures and profiles.

Specialists in outdoor living spaces of all kinds, DEDON selects the right material for every setting, from covered terraces and exposed poolsides to sandy beaches and wild nature. That’s why, in addition to the world’s best fiber, we work with highest-quality teak wood, aluminum, woven textiles, ceramics and upholstery, all manufactured with passion for excellence.

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It is DEDON’s corporate philosophy to produce furniture and accessories of such high quality that they need never be thrown away. Produced in our environmentally-sound facilities in Northern Germany, DEDON Fiber is 100% recyclable and free from pollutants and heavy metals. Furthermore, DEDON incorporates recycled materials into our products whenever feasible.

DEDON collaborates with the world’s top designers, from famous names to rising stars, on collections that consistently win the most prestigious design awards. Because we produce our fiber and most of our furniture in-house, our research and development department is able to work closely with each designer on solutions and innovations that make all the difference in terms of quality, function and style.

DEDON offers a five-year warranty against any manufacturing defects during normal use and maintenance. Valid for retail customers only, this warranty applies to all DEDON woven furniture that is manufactured solely from DEDON Fiber and aluminum frame. All other DEDON products are subject to a two-year warranty.


DEDON employs some of the most advanced textile technology to create cushions you can leave outside without giving them a second thought. Coated with a layer of teflon finish, imperceptible to the touch, our luxurious fabric cushion covers are fully waterproof. Underneath, our comfy cushion cores come sealed in a non-woven polypropylene inlet that’s both waterproof and remarkably breathable, letting moisture out to prevent moulding.
And for those who desire the very latest in technology, DEDON now offers an optional inlet made without seams or stitches. developed by hanes for baby diapers, this extra-breathable new waterproof material is actually welded around the cushion core, effectively sealing moisture out. regardless of which inlet you choose, water can’t get in, and molding won’t take hold.
What if you forget to bring your cushions in before the big storm? Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. Does this mean you can leave them outside all year long? to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, we recommend that you bring them in when not in use and wash the covers as instructed, to reactivate the teflon finish.

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From glass to teak, aluminum to HPL, DEDON offers a wide range of tabletop materials. These innovative solutions not only integrate with the design concepts of the various collections but also meet the top-quality standards DEDON insists upon for all of its outdoor furniture.
HPL is a material that is highly resistant to impact, mechanical stress, moisture and steam.
The metal tabletops are covered with a highly resistant powder coating, giving the tabletop unbeatable durability and outdoor performance. Clean with a soft cloth and warm water.
Polyethylene is known as an easy-care material that is characterized by both lightness and resistance. Tabletops made of premium teak sourced from sustainable plantations, rich in natural tannins, offer great durability in extreme weather conditions.
The innovative, long-lasting mineral-composite tabletops are waterproof and highly resistant to frost, UV-rays and abrasion. Ceramic tabletops are made of Monolite Ipergres®, a frost-proof ceramic that is non-absorbing and highly resistant to impacts, scratches and abrasion. Clean with a soft cloth and warm water. Ceramic tabletops are traditionally handcrafted. This may cause variations that make each piece truly unique.


Quality is no coincidence – thanks to the precision exercised during every processing step, DEDON offers top quality on which you can rely on. The DEDON Fiber, which is developed and manufactured in Germany, is woven on the furniture by hand, making every individual piece unique. The weather-resistant fiber not only braves the cold, heat, sun, rain, and snow – it also ensures an extraordinary stability of colors and structures, and is resistant to pool water as well as seawater. In addition, the highest quality standards are applied to every single step of furniture production. For example, we only use top-grade aluminum, which is welded with precision to create particularly sturdy furniture frames. Each individual, hand-woven piece of furniture must pass strict final inspections in order to satisfy the high standards of our contract customers.
General Warranty: Under normal conditions of use and maintenance, DEDON products are covered by a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defect. This warranty applies to all products, except cushions.

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DEDON fiber

The weather-resistant DEDON fiber not only braves the cold, heat, sun, rain and snow — it also ensures an extraordinary stability of colors and structures, and is resistant to pool water as well as seawater.

  • Material HD PE — High Density Polyethylene

  • Use of materials with best possible weather and light stability

  • High UV resistance — QUV in-house simulation tests prove no change of colors or sur face, even af ter 5,500 hours (10 years) of exposure to UV rays

  • High resistance to cold and heat — recommended use between -30° C (-22° F) to 65° C (149° F) sur face temperature

  • Resistant to pool water and seawater

  • Ecologically friendly, free of toxins and 100 percent recyclable; total carbon emission <0.02 mg C/kg (not tested on norm specimen, tested by independent laboratory)

  • High stability — tensile strength >230 kg/cm2

  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean

  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor use

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