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Sancal was born under the Spanish sun some forty years ago and remains there to this day.

Sancal Spanish identity: passionate, open, joyful yet humble is captured in every design. Sancal is proud of the artisans and would not dream of outsourcing the carefully crafted pieces to foreign sweat shops.

Their love for their roots naturally extends to the environment. Sancal

factory is nestled amongst the mountains in the south east of the country. They produce their own electricity, and comply with ISO14000, but above all they reject the dictates of throw away consumerism, carefully producing pieces that are designed to pass the test of time.

Just like a painter, they are happiest when they are at work, creating. Over the past few years this authenticity has become highly appreciated, catapulting the firm to one of prominence in Spain


Design for Everyone

Sancal is a family company, owned and run by the Castaño-Carpena family. Santiago, José, Antonio, and Elena are the sole shareholders. They have been joined by other members of the family who guarantee the future of this exciting venture.

Ancient times or Antiquity or Great age

Santiago was just twenty when he decided to set up shop on his own manufacturing classic Marie Antoinette style chairs. As demand grew, he enlisted the help of his brother Pepe and his wife Concha. Together, they transformed Sancal into the family company that it is today.

Liberty, equality & fraternity

Sick of tufts and gold thread Santiago pivoted towards modern design. Sancal’s revolution coincided with a new period of openness in Spain as the country successfully made the transition to liberal democracy. In keeping with the spirit of the times, the new designs were for everyone. The best-seller was Model 33, a modular design that enabled a near infinite number of compositions



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