The Spirit Of Design


“da a”, from metal-mechanical industry to design.

What we set out to tell is an Italian story. It begins in Salento, at the very heart of the Mediterranean, the cradle and crossroad of various cultures and civilizations, the land where Aeneas was said to have landed in his epic wanderings. da a was born within one of the oldest mechanical carpentry companies in Lecce, where components for earth-moving machines such as buckets, tanks, frames, and arms, are shaped into their utmost form and produced. The typical processes of metal-mechanical production (cutting, bending, welding, machining, coating, and assembly), which are so closely connected to the virtuous history of the Italian industry, have undergone a modernizing conversion over time thanks to the use of numerical control machines and robots. However, unlike other sectors, human contribution and knowledge based on experience and individual skills remain essential elements for this industry. Five years ago, a feminine element set foot in the company and gave life to da a, an ambitious and very bold spin-off, which started out with a cold and static material like metal and began using it to generate emotional, ergonomic, and warm products. On the one hand, there is the authoritativeness of those who are experts in working iron, “the gift of the Gods”, the archetype endowed with alchemical potential and magnetism; on the other, a second life through research, special metal-processing procedures, and soul-stirring forms. In a word, design. da a is a visual and tactile experience, synesthesia that has attracted upon itself energies belonging to different sensory spheres and expressed through colors and shapes. Relying on its strong genetic heritage of experience, it reinterprets the concept of “living the space” by creating a full-fledged indoor and outdoor furnishing catalog, which combines aesthetics and industrial craftsmanship. Our corporate philosophy is endowed with a distinct sensitivity that, through constant research, offers furnishing solutions for the domestic environment and contemporary gardens.

Unique Colors

There are colors of da a, “our colors”. They are unique because they come from the yellow and purple of our wildflowers, the bright red of our fruits, the green and the blue of our two seas, and the brown of our land. It is a Mediterranean “Pantone” inspired also by the East, which is transposed onto iron furniture characterized by a metropolitan resoluteness, ready to cross borders and oceans and make landfall on all continents. To transplant and celebrate the Made in Italy and Made in Salento mark wherever there’s a refined sense of taste.



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